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From passport or visa applications to marriage or divorce cases, certified translations can be required in many situations. Most people ask the question as to when and why they’ll need a certified translation. This post will try to answer this question and tell you how you can get one.

What Is Certified Translation of Documents?

Certified translation is an essential service for documents in foreign languages that need to be declared to government agencies. For example, if a German citizen wants to obtain a residence permit or citizenship from the UK, they have to submit some official documents to the UK government. Since these documents are written in German, they must be translated and certified by translation experts. Certified translation service is especially applicable for marriage, divorce, title deeds, and birth or death certificates. In addition, some official documents with educational or
commercial features are also required to be certified.

Why Do We Need A Certified Translation?

The short answer to this question is that whenever someone needs to submit a document for official use that is not in English, a certified translation is required. Whether you’re applying for a UK visa or applying to study in a UK university, your foreign-issued, non-English documents need to be translated.

Of course, these documents can’t just be translated by anyone. Instead, certified translations are required to prove the accuracy and authenticity of the translations. Whether it’s government departments or universities in the UK, translations will only be accepted if they’re done by members of certain institutes and associations.

In the UK, most government departments will accept if the translation services company is a member of either the Institute of Linguists (CiOL), Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI), or the Association of Translation Companies (ATC).

For instance, our service, Translation Online, is offered by PA Localisation Ltd., which is an accredited member of the ATC. These organizations will provide a certification stamp to the companies so they can provide certified translations to their clients.

When Do We Need A Certified Translation?

There are many situations in which a certified translation might be required. Since the UK has a population of 9.5 million foreign-born people, and many of these migrants and foreign-born nationals may have documents that are not in English but their native language.

As a result, government departments such as the Home Office require non-English documents to be submitted with certified translations. Typically, documents like birth certificates, criminal record certificates, marriage and divorce certificates, bank statements, diplomas and academic certificates, and documents for the DVLA require certified translations.

From visa or passport applications to legal proceedings in the UK, there are plenty of situations when a certified translation might be required. Typically, the UK government departments, embassies, or UK universities will require you to submit certified translations.

British passport

What Is A Certified Legal Translation?

Certified legal translation ensures that the translated document is 100% reliable. In other words, the document has been translated by staying true to its original version. Such
documents should also be certified legal and usually declared to government agencies. For example, you have to declare documents to UK institutions and be a citizen of a different
country. In such a case, you must have the official document you received from your country translated as certified legal.

How Do I Get Certified Translations?

If you’ve been asked to submit a certified translation of any of these documents, don’t worry because Translation Online, a translation services agency, has got you covered. We can offer accurate and certified translations of legal documents from virtually all languages.

These certified translations for official use will carry the ATC Certification Stamp, which means they’ll be accepted by most of the UK government departments. So, get in touch now to get a free quote, and we’ll take care of all your translation needs!

How Much Does A Certified Translation Cost?

Certified translation prices vary according to the content and length of the document. In
addition, the language of the paper is one of the most critical factors affecting the price. Therefore, giving a precise price without seeing the document is impossible.
Translation Online is a leading company that provides professional support in certified translation. You can get any information about our translation services by contacting our company.