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Everybody loves those idyllic romantic shots of the bride and groom on the beach, wandering into the sunset in some breath-taking foreign clime. Well, getting married abroad, complete with sandy surrounds and white sandy beaches, is an incredibly popular choice for Brits.
But you can’t create your perfect wedding without the right organisation, especially when you’re getting married abroad. Here’s what every UK citizen should know when they’re getting married abroad:

Documents required to get married abroad

Getting married abroad? Bring the following important documents with you:
  • If you’ve changed your name, you’ll need deed poll proof of the name change
  • If widowed, you’ll need your spouse’s death certificate along with your marriage certificate. If divorced, you’ll need the decree absolute
  • Full birth certificates from both parties (they should either be original or certified copies)
  • Your passports – ensure they’re valid and have at least six months left before expiration
You can’t legally get married abroad without buying two CNIs (Certificates of No Impediment) from the UK government. A CNI takes approximately one month to issue, costs around £30 each and expires around six months after it’s issued.While these documents should be original, do your research to determine whether certified copies are acceptable. Before being used abroad, many documents need notarisation, with some requiring an apostille stamp for further legalisation. However, this will depend on the country you’ll be marrying in – countries have different rules on what makes something authentic.Making photocopies of these documents for your own reference is recommended. This will also give you peace of mind.Certain countries require you to translate the document into the language of the country you’ll be getting married in. Fortunately, document certification services like Translation Online can provide a streamlined process of translation and legalisation.Our company can handle all translation processes related to marriage documents. In other words, before you create your dreams of marriage abroad, it will be enough to get reliable and high-quality translation service from our company. This way, you can submit the official documents required for marriage procedures to the relevant institutions.a man and woman lying on grass field

Legal requirements of getting married abroad

It’s important to get married abroad legally. If you fail to follow the country’s legal processes, your marriage wouldn’t be recognised as legal. Following are some legal requirements for getting married abroad:
  • Ensure you meet the legal residency requirements
  • Meet the minimum age and same-sex marriage laws
  • Ensure documents are certified or translated if needed
  • Bring the correct documents with you
Understanding that your marriage needs to meet the legal requirements of both your country of residence and the country you’re getting married in is important. If you’re looking to get married abroad, start planning now.When making marriage plans abroad, you can also apply to our company’s certified, legalised, and notarised translation services. Regardless of which country you are a citizen of, you can get reliable translation service from your mother tongue to English. Thanks to translation experts, who have at least five years of experience in the field of translation, your requested documents will be translated 100% correctly.

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