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VAT or Value-Added Tax on goods and services is not unique to the EU or the UK. In fact, more than 140 countries levy a VAT on services and goods. However, VAT registration is strictly regulated across the UK and the EU. As per the UK government, you “may need to register” for VAT in the EU country you’re selling your products to.

You can find more information on how to register for VAT in EU countries on the EU website. Apart from the strict regulation, online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay also strictly enforce VAT compliance. Moreover, registering for VAT can save you time and money on cross border business.

So, what documents are required for VAT registration, and when exactly do you need sworn translations? Let’s find out!

Documents Required for EU VAT Registration

It’s important to remember that the VAT rates vary across European countries. Moreover, the exact registration rules are different for each country, so it’s essential to contact that country’s relevant tax or registration department. However, there are still many similarities when it comes to document requirements.

EU Vat Registration documents

These are some of the commonly required documents you can expect to submit for your EU VAT registration:

  • Completed application forms,
  • Power of attorney (proxy) form,
  • Engagement letter,
  • Proof of signature by company’s legal representation,
  • Certificate of incorporation,
  • Proof taxable transactions,
  • Home country’s VAT certificate,
  • Bank guarantee for a nominated fiscal representative.

It’s important to remember that this list isn’t exhaustive, but all these documents may require sworn translations if they’re not issued in the local language. Moreover, the translation requirements will depend on each country’s specific rules pertaining to legal documents.

Sworn Translations Are Essential for VAT Registration

The crux of the matter is that if you intend on registering your business in any of the 27 EU member states, you’ll need to provide translations of documents required by the relevant authority.

However, in some instances, EU member states will accept documents issued in different languages. For example, several non-English speaking countries accept English documents. On the other hand, EU member states such as Spain require all foreign documents to be translated.

That's why you should get a sworn translation service before declaring your documents for
Spain. Thanks to sworn translation, all your documents requested from you will be translated into
Spanish. This translation service is 100% reliable and professional, provided by translation
experts who are native speakers of English and Spanish.

How Long Does Sworn Translation Take?

Sworn translation is one of the translation services that require attention. Depending on the length of the document to be translated, this process may take 1 days. Translating the documents requested for VAT registration may take a maximum of 1 week.

Who Can Do a Sworn Translation?

Sworn translation is a service provided by translation experts. Only persons with the title of translation expert can offer such comprehensive and professional translation services. The translation expert working within Translation Online has the authority to provide sworn translation services.

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Reach Out to Translation Online for Professional Translation Guidance

As an ATC-accredited professional translation company, Translation Online will provide the proper guidance for your translation needs. We understand that these rules and requirements can get very confusing, which is why you can reach out to us for advice.

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How Much Are the Prices of Sworn Translation with Translation Online?

The price requested for high-quality translation services, such as sworn translation, may vary depending on the length of the document. At the same time, the language in which the
English document will be translated is another factor affecting the price. You can contact our company representative immediately for more detailed information about this service provided by Translation Online. Likewise, you can contact our representative to get price information for certified translation services. You can always trust our company for both sworn and certified translation services.
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