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As a professional translator, you will be responsible for converting written material from one language to another, i.e. from the source language to the target language. In the UK, the target language will be English, and the source language will be the other language you’re fluent in.

For professional translators in the UK, salaries can vary widely, and freelance rates are mostly calculated as per the word count. However, the translation of highly specialised texts such as medical documents demands higher rates. Approximately, you can earn a salary between £18,000 and £40,000.

However, becoming a translator means you’ll require certain skills, especially for a medical translator in the UK. Let’s take a look at what these required skills are:

1. Skills to write well and stick to a given framework

This one isn’t specific to medical translators but is more of a basic skill for any professional translator. A professional should stick to the target word or character counts, which requires discipline. Furthermore, translators have to experiment with words and write creatively. Both medical translators and other translation experts should have an advanced command of
both languages. Good knowledge of languages is essential for the translation to look natural. Otherwise, there may be inverted and difficult-to-understand sentences in the translated text.

2. Transferring tone, style, and cultural elements accurately

When it comes to translating specialised documents such as medical records, you need to go beyond the obvious text. As a professional translator, you need to transfer the tone, style, and on occasions, cultural elements too. Swapping out words and phrases doesn’t always work and can lead to an inaccurate translation.  Translators don’t just require linguistic skill but cultural competence as well to capture the tone and style accurately.

3. Specialist medical knowledge

Translating medical documents is one of the most challenging tasks as it requires comprehensive knowledge and understanding of medical terms. Moreover, medical translators typically also require working experience in the field, especially the higher-paid ones.

Medical translator

The specialisation in translation is a given if you’re translating medical documents for a professional translation agency. Translation agencies registered with the Association of Translation Companies (ATC), such as Translation Online, typically require specialist translators.

Since these companies have to meet the high standards set by ATC, they employ professional translators with the right expertise and knowledge to translate medical as well as other specialist documents.

Is Medical Translation Hard?

The question of whether the medical translation is difficult is constantly being investigated.
Medical texts can be challenging to translate because they contain many professional and
medical terms. Medical translators must meet all the criteria we mentioned above. Otherwise, a correct
translation of a medical document will not be possible. Regarding professional translation, it
would be better for people who are experts in engineering, law and medicine to do this job.
Medical translators must ensure that the document they translate is of good quality.
Otherwise, the translated text may not be considered valid. Just like in literary works,
medical texts must have a quality and professional translation.

How Much Does It Cost to Translate a Medical Document?

The price of the medical translation service varies according to the length of the document. At the same time, the language is another essential criterion that affects the translation price. In addition, the language in which the document is written and which language it will be translated into may also cause differences in cost. These documents, which need to be translated by medical translators, are priced according
to different price lists. If you want to get clear price information about the translations of such
documents, then you can contact our company. Translation experts in our company provide
native language translation services in every language.
When it comes to medical translation services, it is possible to work with translation experts
who are both professionals in the field of medicine and sufficient in the translation language.

Get Your Medical Documents Translated with Translation Online

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