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While marrying outside the UK does have its charms—no overcast skies in sight—it does add to the legal requirements you may have to fulfil as a British citizen getting married in a foreign country.

Here’s everything you need to know about the documentation and translations involved in getting married abroad.

Official Document Requirements for UK Citizens

Even though required documents vary by country, you’ll have to produce the following paperwork—with or without a certified translation—no matter where you’re planning to hold the wedding.


A travel document is considered mandatory because it proves your identity and citizenship, but it doesn’t have to be translated from English to a foreign language.

·Birth Certificate

Take your original certificate with you even if your destination requires a translated document in its stead. They will need this document to verify your age and place of birth.

·Eligibility for Remarriage

If you, your partner, or both have been married before, you’ll have to prove you’re eligible to remarry by producing a marriage certificate and divorce certificate of your previous marriage/s, or, in some cases, a death certificate of your previous partner/s.

·Proof of Name Change

You may have to provide a translated or original proof of name change upon entering or exiting a previous marriage.

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·Certificate of No Impediment (CNI)

You may have to acquire a CNI to prove that there’s nothing in the way of you getting married to each other. The British government issues this document, and levies a charge depending on where you’re getting married.

It will take you at least 28 days to get your CNI issued because that’s how long the government leaves up your intention to marry and for anyone to object to it.

·Statutory Declaration

Some countries require a statutory declaration, which verifies certain information provided by you as being true. This information could be anything, from your name to your nationality to your marital status.

This document or its translation needs to be signed in the presence of a solicitor, contain proper wording, and be completely unbiased.

·Medical Test Results

Some countries may need you to be screened for certain medical conditions. This is not a mandatory requirement for most nations, but you might have to prepare a translation of the medical certificate if a non-English speaking country requires it.

Working with a Legal Translation Service in the UK

Different countries have specific stipulations on the translations they consider admissible. Some might require you to have your original documents translated by an authority within their country, while others may accept the translated paperwork as long as it comes from a Home Office-approved service.

If the country for your destination wedding is satisfied with the latter, hire our professional translation services to get certified translations for official use. We have translators in all languages, waiting on standby to convert your English documents to a language of your choice.

Reach out to us for a translation service online.

Why is a Certified Translation Service Necessary?

Certified translation is a translation service that should be preferred in cases such as
marriage, death, divorce and birth. Some documents are requested from people who apply
to get married abroad. It is expected that these documents must be translated into the
language of that country.
People who are going to get married within the borders of the UK must also follow the
procedure we mentioned above. You must have your official documents translated into the
language of the country of your citizenship. The translation process must be definitely
professional and of high quality.

Is It Necessary to Work with a Translate Company for Certified Translation?

Documents must be reliably translated before declaring documents for marriage
proceedings. Translation experts must also translate documents to be declared to UK
institutions. Therefore, it would be the right step to apply to companies that provide quality
services in the field of translation, such as Translation Online.

Should UK Citizens Get Translation Services When Marrying in a Different Country?

Of course, like foreign nationals who will get married in the UK, UK citizens must also get
translation services. A UK-issued document must be translated into the language of the
country of marriage. For this, it is necessary to get a sworn translation service.

What is a Sworn Translation Service?

Sworn translation service is a translation service applied for official documents provided by
UK institutions. UK citizens who will marry in another country must have their official
documents translated into the language of that country. For this, a sworn translation service
can be obtained through Translation Online.

How Much Are Sworn and Certified Translation Prices?

The prices of these twotranslation services preferred for marriage may vary depending on

the condition of the document. The type and length of documents are two crucial factors that
affect the price. At the same time, the language in which the documents will be translated is
another essential factor affecting the price.