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Birth certificates are considered essential documents in every part of the world. They’re the first legal document of any person and remain essential throughout their life. So, before we can talk about the importance of birth certificate translation, let’s look at why the certificate itself is important.

Birth Certificates: Why Are They Important?

According to the UK government’s guidance policy on birth certificates, a birth certificate is essential for a passport. Governments all across the world have pretty much the same policy as, without a birth certificate, you can’t get numerous other important legal documents.

Essentially, birth certificates are considered important because they serve as evidence for three critical pieces of information, including a person’s name, date of birth, and birthplace. Anybody applying for a UK passport needs to have a full birth certificate, especially if:

  • Born outside of the UK
  • Born in the UK between 1983 till now.

According to a study on the history of birth certificates, data recording of births is a practice that goes back to as early as the 1500s. At the time, such data was recorded in church registers in England. Scholars consider it to be an important document in terms of public health and claim that it is crucial to shaping the medical and public policies in the UK.

So, now that we understand the importance of birth certificates, why are the translations so important, and for whom are they important?

Birth Certificates: Translation for Foreign Legal Documents

Birth certificate translations are required due to the policy described by the UK government. Since the birth certificate is an essential document when applying for a British passport, people whose birth certificate is in a foreign language need to get it translated.

Old birth certificate in Russian

The English translation of their birth certificate should be submitted alongside the original when applying for a passport. Therefore, birth certificate translation is important for all migrants to the UK who have a birth certificate in a foreign language like German, Mandarin, etc.

In summation, you can understand why birth certificate translation is so important, especially for migrants to the UK, as, without it, they will be unable to apply for a passport. Moreover, birth certificate translations can also be required for numerous other purposes, such as applying for a student visa in the UK, a marriage certificate, etc.

Birth Certificates: How to get Certified Translations for Official Use

As we mentioned, when you’re submitting a birth certificate translation, it’s important to ensure that it’s certified. Not every translating company will give you a certified translation, but Translation Online offers fully certified and accurate birth certificates. Moreover, the quality and
reliability of the documents translated by Translation Online are solid. The translation experts in
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Birth Certificates: Can I Translate My Own Documents UK?

Regarding an official document such as a birth certificate, the document must be translated
by translation experts. Especially when declaring the document to official institutions, it must
be certified.
Whether you present your birth certificate to an institution in the UK or another country, you
must get expert support. Every country has different requirement to consider a translation of
legal value. Contact us today and ask experts. Let’s discuss your translation requirements.

Who Can Certified a Translation in the UK?

You can have your birth certificate certified by UK institutions through Translation Online. We
at Translation Online are capable of translating birth certificates into any language.
Translation experts working in our company provide native language-level certified
translation services in all world languages.
It is possible to certify official documents such as marriage, divorce and death certificates,
especially birth certificates. We want to point out that these translations, which translation
experts should do, are reliable and professional.
Our company has been providing quality translation services in the field of certified
translation for a long time. Regardless of which country you are a citizen of, we can translate
the birth certificate you will declare to UK institutions from the language of your country.

How Much Does It Cost to Translate a Document UK?

The price requested for the birth certificate may differ depending on the language and
general condition of the document. Therefore, it is impossible to give a piece of precise price
information without having information about the document yet.
People who want translation services for birth certificates can contact our company. It is
possible to get price information by calling our customer representative or by sending an e-
mail to the e-mail address on the contact page of our website.

Our certified translations of legal documents are accepted and recognized by pretty much every government department, and we can translate from virtually any language. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our birth certificate translation services or to get a free quote now!