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Certified translations are translations that have been translated, signed, stamped, and dated by a qualified and professional linguist (or a translation company like Translation Online) to confirm that it’s a complete, accurate, and true representation of the original document. This means that the translation can be used by legal and official bodies like government offices, courts, and HMRC.

How are documents certified?

Currently, documents can be translated by one of the following methods:
  • The document is certified by a qualified translation company or translator, confirming that the translation is an accurate and true translation of the original.
  • The document can be certified in front of a notary public or a practicing solicitor
  • The document has been translated into the new language by a sworn translator (they should be present in a country that recognizes their status as a sworn translator).
Certified translations should consist of:
  • A hard copy of the translated document
  • A hard copy of the original document
  • A certification letter (stamped, dated, and signed)
Remember to ask your translation agency to confirm in writing:
  • The contact details and the full name of the translator or a representative of the translation agency
  • The date of the translation
  • That it’s an accurate and true translation of the original document
Translation Online is a company that has fulfilled all the requirements. Our company meticulously provides all extra services requested by UK institutions. It is possible to get reliable and 100% accurate translation service from our company, which features ATC accredited.

How to check a company’s ATC accreditation?

The accredited ATC member companies receive the ATC’s certification stamp. The stamp is used to certify translations, usually those submitted to authorities like the public sector.a woman offering translation services in the UKSome examples of translations that require certification can include documentation used in legal proceedings, company registration documents, transcripts and diplomas, and civil record certificates (marriage, birth, and death certificates). Most UK public authorities accept certified translations with ATC accreditation. However, the ATC suggests that requirements for the certification are directly clarified with authority by the client.The ATC’s certification stamps on the certified translations signal to the recipient that an accredited member of the Association of Translation Companies has translated the documents. This signifies that the company has cleared the membership vetting process of the ATC, including client and supplier references, quality management processes, checks on financial stability while holding suitable professional indemnity insurance.The ATC’s member directory can be used to verify the accredited ATC member’s membership. The certification stamp of ATC is renewed yearly. The stamp carries the company’s unique ATC membership number and name and is dated for the current year.The guidelines of ATC for using the certification stamp set out best practices for certifying translations using the certification stamp of ATC. The guidelines also explain the differences between different kinds of certification used overseas as well as in the UK and include certificate templates.

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