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According to Statista, more than 300,000 people from the UK are residing in Spain. With the UK official leaving the EU at the start of 2021, many UK citizens might be wondering how it impacts their residence situation in Spain. You must submit some of your official documents to the relevant institutions in this case. For this, you may need to get a reliable and 100% accuracy guaranteed translation service from Translation Online.

While the situation is a bit more complicated than it was pre-Brexit, it’s not impossible for Brits to work and live in Spain. Let’s look at what residency in Spain will look like for UK citizens after Brexit.

Residency in Spain After Brexit

Since the UK government is in negotiations individually with different EU countries, it is possible that an individual agreement may be reached between Spain and the UK. Hopefully, this agreement will specify the arrangements for travel, residence, work, and study more clearly.

Nevertheless, amid the uncertainty, it’s better for British residents in Spain to ensure they have a residence certificate and should also apply for a Spanish residence visa. Remember that Spanish residence visas can be permanent or temporary, depending on how long the holder wants to be in the country.

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Short Stays for Non-Resident British Citizens

It is assumed that British citizens will not require short-stay visas if they’re staying for periods up to 3 months at a time, like other countries that are in the visa-waiver category, such as Australia, Canada, and the US.

Extended Stays for Resident British Citizens

British citizens hoping to stay in Spain for more than 90 days will need to apply for a Spanish residence visa. Temporary visas are available for people wishing to retire in Spain, do business or work, or study in Spain.

Permanent residence visas can be obtained if the citizens have been living in Spain for five years. While the permanent residence visa allows British citizens to live permanently in Spain, the document needs renewal every five years.

Spanish Citizenship Possibilities

UK citizens who have been living in Spain for more than ten years can also apply for Spanish citizenship. This will give the added benefit of free travel within the EU, but citizens will need to renounce their British citizenship.

Document and Translation Requirements

If you choose to apply for Spanish citizenship, you will need to submit several documents required for the application. It’s likely that some of these documents will also require translations from a sworn translator in Spain.

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