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Getting a divorce can be a very challenging phase for you, your partner, and your family. Naturally, it’s the kind of time when even the smallest of inconveniences can be daunting. For people in the UK, getting a divorce can be complicated if their marriage certificate is foreign.

This post will explain how the divorce process works in the UK and what you need to do if you have a foreign marriage certificate.

How the Divorce Process Works in the UK

The divorce process in the UK can get a bit complicated because the rules are different for England and Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. In England and Wales, you can file for a divorce 12 months after your wedding.

The process involves several steps, such as applying for a divorce, applying for a decree nisi, and applying for a decree absolute.  In England and Wales, you can only apply if:

  • you’ve been married for over a year,
  • your relationship has broken down permanently,
  • your marriage is legally recognised in the UK,
  • and the UK is your permanent home (at least for one of the partners).

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On the other hand, the divorce process in Scotland is a lot simpler as you can apply within the first year of marriage. You don’t need a court to rubber-stamp the divorce agreement if there are no financial disputes or under-16 children.

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Divorce in Northern Ireland is also complicated as the spouses must attend the court to complete the process even in the case of “no-fault,” unlike in England, Wales, and Scotland.

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Getting a Divorce in the UK with a Foreign Marriage Certificate

As you can probably tell, getting a divorce in the UK can get complicated, depending on where you are. However, the process will get even more complex with a foreign marriage certificate, i.e., if you married abroad.

However, you CAN get a divorce in the UK even if you have a foreign marriage certificate. However, you will need a certified marriage certificate translation if it’s not in English or Welsh. Marriage certificates issued under the Vienna Convention 1976 won’t need a translation as they already have an English translation in their footer.

In other cases, however, you’ll need a certified translation as per the rules established by the Ministry of Justice in the UK. According to these rules, your translation should either be “certified by a notary public or authenticated by the statement of truth.”

What Is Marriage Certified Translation?

Persons who have a foreign marriage certificate should get a certified translation service in
divorce proceedings. To initiate a divorce process within the UK, it is obligatory to declare certain
documents to the relevant institutions. One of these documents is the marriage certificate.
If your marriage certificate is written in a different language, in such a case, you can benefit from
the certified translation service.

Who Can Do Certified Translation?

Translation experts can provide certified translation services for a foreign marriage certificate. It
is essential to be a native speaker in both languages in order to produce a high quality and
professional translation, and eventually certified translation. At the same time, the company or
people who will do the translation must be ATC accredited.

Can I Do the Certified Translation?

No matter how good your English level is, you must be a translation expert to provide a certified
translation service. In other words, no person can do the translation requested for a foreign
marriage certificate.
You can get quality and reliable translation services by applying to our company for certified
translation services.

Why is a Certified Marriage Certificate Required?

In divorce, you must declare official documents such as a foreign marriage certificate to
authorized UK institutions. UK institutions also require translating a marriage certificate into a
foreign language. Therefore, you must pass the marriage certificate through the certified
translation process. Otherwise, the marriage certificate you submitted for divorce will be
considered invalid.

How to Get a Certified Marriage Certificate Translation?

If you’re worried about how you’ll get a certified translation, not to worry because this step is rather simple and easy! At Translation Online, we offer convenient certified translation services for official documents, including marriage certificates.

We translate from virtually all the commonly used languages, and we’re ATC accredited, which means all government authorities accept our translations in the UK.  Get in touch today to get a free quote for the certified translation of your foreign marriage certificate.

How Much Does a Certified Marriage Certificate Translation Cost?

The price requested for a foreign marriage certificate may differ depending on the length of the
document and the language in which it is written. It is not possible to provide exact pricing for
such professional translation services without analysing your translation documents first. You can
contact our company representative to obtain a net price information.