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Although the terms certified translation and the notarised translation may sound similar, and anyone can easily mistake one for the other, the two are not the same. In essence, both these translations provide proof that the document has been professionally translated. However, there are several key differences between the two.

This post will discuss the differences between certified and notarised translations and explain when you might need either of them in the UK.

Certified Translation of Documents: Professional Translator

Long story short: the UK has a population of 9.5 million foreign-born people. Many of these people may have non-English legal documents. Moreover, UK-born people may also have some documents from other countries that are not in English. However, certified translations are required for official use.

In such a case, a certified translation simply shows that the document has been translated by a qualified professional. Certified translations typically have a certification stamp and signature to prove that the document is certified to be authentic and accurate.

Within the UK, companies or agencies that are accredited by either the Institute of Linguists (CiOL), Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI), or the Association of Translation Companies (ATC) can offer certified translations.

Accreditation ensures that translation service companies follow the required standards and provide accurate translations of legal documents.

When do I need a certified translation?

Typically, certified translations are required for translating legal documents. These include birth certificates, marriage and divorce certificates, death certificates, bank statements, academic documents, etc.

How Do I Translate a Document Officially?

A certified translation service is a service provided only by translation experts. In other
words, when you translate your documents into a different language, that document will not
become certified. In this case, it is possible to get expert translation support from our
Translation Online company.
Regardless of the language of your official documents, our company will provide you with a
100% reliable and professional translation service. Since government institutions will only
accept papers that have passed the certified translation process, it is vital to contact our
company in such a case.

Notarised Translation of Documents: A Notary

As the name suggests, notarised translations are translations that have been overseen by a notary. The defining difference between the two is that certified translation focuses on the quality or accuracy of the translation, whereas notarisation is more about following the official procedures.

The notary is authorised by the government to oversee legal formalities. In the UK, notarised translations are certified translations that also include a certification from the British Notary Public, essentially to confirm the identity of the translator and to certify their statement.

A notary stamp

Since the notary may not be multilingual, they won’t check the accuracy of the document, but rather attest to the identity and honesty of the translator. In most cases, companies offering certified translations can also deliver notarised translations at an extra charge.

When do I need a notarised translation?

Typically, notarised documents are required and accepted abroad and are typically required for education-based documents such as diplomas, degree certifications, or other administrative documents.

Can I Make a Notarised Translation?

Notarised translation, like certified translation, is a translation service that requires care and
reliability. A notary must also approve the notarised translation. In other words, you cannot
translate your official documents and have them notarized but we can help you get this
As Translation Online, we offer you some additional services requested by official
institutions, in addition to translation services. Contact us today for a notarized translation
service and we will take it from there. We’ll do our best to help you with notarisation and
subsequent legalisation of translations, if need be.

Get Certified Translation of Legal Documents with Translation Online

At Translation Online, we offer highly accurate and certified translations of legal documents such as birth certificates, bank statements, academic certificates, etc. We can translate your documents to English from virtually all common languages with high accuracy and technical expertise.

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How Much Are Certified and Notarised Translation Prices?

As Translation Online, we always provide quality and 100% reliable translation services. You will
encounter budget-friendly prices for the translation services you receive from our company. Of
course, we can't provide an exact pricing without seeing the documents to be translated. The
length of the paper and the language in which it is written are among the main factors affecting
the price.
By contacting our company, you can get information about our translation services and the most
accurate price information. Our company representatives will guide you in the best possible way
and will answer any questions you may have about our translation services.