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Certified Marriage Certificate Translation Services

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Marriage Certificate Translation Services

An advantage of certified marriage certificate translation accompanied by an affidavit is that it will be accepted in court. It is essential to find a service that offers this type of service, as this is an important legal document that is required in some situations. A certified translation service understands the requirements of the UK government and will only use a trusted translator to ensure the accuracy of the translation. Aside from being authentic, certified marriage certificate translation services also come with a stamped attestation that proves that the translator is competent and has adequate knowledge of the language. It is always recommended to go for a certified translation service if you need to make sure that the translated document is legally accepted in the UK.

Marriage Certificate Translation

When choosing a certified marriage certificate translation service, you must remember that you should choose a service that will provide a guaranteed translation. With our professional network of linguists we guarantee the accuracy of the document by providing a certificate of accuracy. When choosing a certified translation service, keep in mind that the process should be as simple as possible for both parties.

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We Offer Certified Translation

As an accredited member of ATC, we offer certified translation service for businesses, organisations and private clients. We have a network of over 1,500 translators all over the world and can support you in all languages.

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Official Certified Marriage Certificate Translation 

We provide certified marriage certificate translation that is legally accepted by UK Government Bodies, UK Home Office, HM Passport Office, UK NARIC, Academic Institutions, UK Banks.

Professional Certified Marriage Certificate Translation 

You can rest assured that your marriage certificate will be translated professionally using a translator from our vetted pool of certified translators.

Notarized Certified Marriage Certificate Translation 

Some documents require notarization before they can be legally used. We provide notarized translation service when the translation needs to be certified by a notary public.

Embassy Certified Marriage Certificate Translation 

Certified translation service may be required for your documents so that the translation is valid at the embassies. You can count on us for embassy-approved translation services.

   Marriage Certificate Translation Services 

   Certified Marriage Translation Services

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Guaranteed Quality

Translations are done by native speaker linguists of the target language with at least 5 years of experience in the industry. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our services.ᐧ

Accredited Member

Accredited Member of the Association of Translation CompaniesOur certification is attested through Association of Translation Companies and bears the official ATC stamp and our signature.

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  • Accepted by all UK authorities including the
    Home Office, HM Passport Office and DVLA


Order Fully Certified Translations in Just a Few Clicks

Our certified translations are:

  • Fully certified and legally accepted
  • Competitively priced & delivered fast
  • Accepted by UK government bodies

Our certification states:

  • That it’s a ‘true and accurate translation of the original document
  • The date of the translation
  • The full name and contact details of the translator or a representative of the translation company


Marriage Certificate Translation

1- Marriage Certificate Translation Divorce

A marriage certificate translation service is required for citizens of different countries for procedures such as divorce application. Accordingly, to declare a divorce process to UK institutions, getting a certified translation service will definitely be necessary. Divorce documents translated by professional translation experts are needed in order to carry out property division, custody cases, or other official transactions after divorce. The translation of official documents declaring both marriage and divorce status is also done quickly by our company.

2- Marriage Certificate Translation Near Me

Marriage certificate translation is one of the primary translation services offered by our company. At Translation Online, we provide translation of marriage documents into 117 different languages. In this way, we help you to get the marriage process done in a different country and accepted by UK institutions. Likewise, we enable you to obtain the marriage process made within the borders of the UK to other countries. Translation experts working in our company are people who are native speakers and do this job professionally. In other words, you are guaranteed reliable and quality translated text when you receive translation service through Translation Online.

3- Certified Translation of Marriage Certificate

A marriage certificate translation service is a translation service in the category of the certified translation. In other words, thanks to this translation service, your marriage certificate will come to a position that can be declared to official institutions. UK institutions require marriage certificates to be certified. Married people who are citizens of a different country and will get citizenship or residence permit from the UK must get a certified marriage translation service. Certified marriage translation UK service is one of our company’s most comprehensive translation services. Our company, which provides translation services in many languages, also includes services for accepting UK-issued documents in other countries.

4- Marriage Certificate Translation Cost

Marriage certificate translation may be priced differently depending on the language and length of the document. Quality and reliable translations are guaranteed in such professional translation services. Moreover, the translation requested for the marriage certificate cannot be done by everyone. In order for official documents to be translated and accepted by authorized institutions, it is necessary to get the support of translation experts. As Translation Online, we also offer certified translation services for a fee. Among these are translation services requested by official institutions for a marriage certificate. Our translation services include budget-friendly prices and product quality, and reliable documents.

5- Marriage Certificate Translation Price

Each company is free to create its price list for marriage certificate translation. Companies in many parts of the world provide services in this regard. But it is essential to find the best quality service for certified translation services. Our company always provides quality translation services with experienced and successful experts. The fee charged by our company for the marriage certificate may vary depending on the language in which the document is written and the length of the paper. But in any case, you will be able to encounter a good price guarantee.



Certified Marriage Certificate Translation Services FAQ
Most frequent questions and answers

A marriage certificate translation service is for people who want to obtain citizenship or residence permit from the UK. Thanks to marriage certificate translation, your marriage certificate written in a different language can be declared to UK institutions. Marriage certificate translation is intended for citizenship of another country who plan to immigrate to the UK. Our firm can also provide translation services in the language of that country to people who are UK citizens and want to immigrate to another country.

The marriage certificate translation service is priced according to the length of the marriage certificate that needs to be translated and the language in which it is written. Only professional translation experts can provide such translation services. Therefore, such special translation services will have specific pricing. However, the translation service requested for the marriage certificate is usually affordable. It is sufficient to contact the authorized representative of our company to get the most precise information about the price.

If you want to declare your marriage certificate in a different language to UK institutions, you must use the marriage certificate translation service. Especially in immigration cases, official documents must be declared to the authorized institutions. Among these documents is a marriage certificate.

You can always rely on Translation Online for the marriage certificate translation service. Our company is a well-established company that has been serving in the field of certified translation for many years. Many translation experts provide translation services in our company. Translation experts are also native speakers in languages they can translate. It is also guaranteed that the translation services you will receive through Translation Online will be high quality and professional. Thanks to our services, your marriage certificate will be accepted by UK institutions. Likewise, professional translation experts also do the sworn translation service we offer for UK-issued documents. Thus, your marriage certificate from UK institutions will be accepted in other countries.

We offer a quality-assured translation service at reasonable prices. Contact us today to get a quote.

A certified translation is the translation and certification of a document by the translator or the translation office with its signature and stamp.

As a translator, you may be asked to provide a certified translation.

A certified translation agency such as Translation Online is authorized to translate marriage certificates for various legal reasons.

The document can be certified in the presence of a practicing attorney or notary public

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Absolutely amazing service. Needed birth certificate translation and it was done in less than hour (paid extra for this service). I can’t fault it! Thank you, save me loads of time and stress. Thank you ever so much.
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Great Translation company! Fast & Excellent Service! With care & Kindness. I'm very satisfied. Thank you so much for your hard work. 5 stars for you! Best! Noël.
Arabian Nails
Arabian Nails
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I loved their service! Very quick and efficient and really kind. Fast replied and made sure I was happy before certifying. Definitely recommend them!
Rommel Henry
Rommel Henry
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Great service, had a single page document translated. Got an instant response with a quote and translation was delivered electronically the next day and printed copy expected by post in a couple of days.
Mari Lu
Mari Lu
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Low cost, everything done online and translation sent by post, fast, happy with the service



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