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When it comes to UK passport applications, there are so many different types that it can all seem a bit overwhelming. Moreover, you will also need to submit different types of documents as part of your application.

Some of these documents may also need a certified translation if they haven’t been issued in English (more on that later). First, let’s look at the documents required when applying for a UK passport.

British Passport

Types of British Passport Applications

There are different types of passport applications, and if you’re applying, you should already be familiar with which one is right for you. These are the most common types:

  • New UK passport after newly obtained citizenship
  • Renewal of UK passport
  • UK passport application for a newborn child
  • UK passport application for a child born abroad.

British Passport: Document Requirements

This is where it gets a bit tricky, as the documents you need for your passport application depend completely on your circumstances. Applying for a UK passport, first, you need to be a British citizen.

Even when all the paperwork is complete and your citizenship has been confirmed, you’ll still need the following documentation when applying for a passport.

1.      Born or Adopted in the UK

If you were adopted or born in the United Kingdom, then you’ll need these documents to apply for a British passport:

Your full UK birth certificate as well as one of the following documents;

  • Your father’s or mother’s British birth certificate;
  • Home Office certificate of naturalization/registration
  • UK passports belonging to your mother or father when you were born
  • UK passport number for either parent OR
  • Evidence of your either parent’s immigration status in the UK when you were born.

Keep in mind that if you’re sending your father’s documentation, you’ll also need to provide the marriage certificate for your parents.

Certified Translation Service for British Passport Application
Applicants for British citizenship are required to receive certified translation services. One of
the British passport application steps is the certified translation of your official documents.
For example, an Italian citizen has applied for a British passport to the British government. In
the application, some UK Home Office and UK Government agencies will request official
documents from that person. These documents were given to the applicant by the Italian
government and were written in Italian. Therefore, getting a certified translation service is
imperative before submitting official documents to UK institutions.

2.      Born or Adopted outside the UK

There’s a slight difference in the documentation that you’ll need to present if you were born outside of the UK. Keep in mind that you may need some extra documentation but the most important documents that you’ll need to prepare are:

  • Your citizenship (registration or naturalisation) certificate;
  • Your parents’ marriage certificate;
  • Your full birth certificate showing your parents’ details;
  • The passport used to enter the UK

Which Documents Will Require Certified Translation?

There’s also a high chance that at least some of these documents, such as birth certificates, may not be issued in English. For such documents, you’ll need to produce certified translations for legal purposes.

According to the UK Passport Office, documents written in a foreign language that are submitted along with a passport application should be submitted with an English translation attached.  Typically, you can expect documents like your birth certificate and your parents’ marriage certificate to be translated into English.

The good news is that you don’t have to worry about your official passport as it will be accepted just the way it is.

Who Can Do Certified Translation?

Persons who want to declare documents for the British passport application should contact
the companies that offer certified translation services. Translation Online is also one of the
best quality translation companies serving within the borders of the UK.
As Translation Online, we provide certified translation services in many languages. The
translation experts in our company are native speakers of both English and the other
language to be translated. So each of the certified translations made by Translation Online is
reliable and professional.

Can I Do Certified Translation?

A person must have the title of translation expert to be able to do certified translations. At the
same time, translators and translation offices that ATC has approved can provide certified
translation services.
For a translation to be certified, it is also essential that the document has been translated
100% reliably. Therefore, it is necessary to get translation expert support, especially in an
important issue such as the British passport application.

How Much Are Certified Translation Prices?

People who will receive certified translation services for the British passport application are
also curious about the prices of this service. It is impossible to give a piece of precise price
information for a certified translation service. The number and length of documents will affect
the price. At the same time, the language to be translated is another factor that can affect
the price.

Translate Documents Easily with Translation Online

To make it simple: documents that are part of your passport application but are not in English will need a certified translation. Translation Online offers fully certified translation services for legal documents such as birth certificate translation and marriage certificate translation.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can facilitate your British passport application process.