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According to the German Statistics Office’s 2017 report, there were a total of 116,470 registered UK citizens were living in Germany. However, Brexit has led to lots of uncertainty, and a 2018 survey shows that the number of UK citizens in Germany was down to 93 thousand.UK citizens also need a certified translation service in various matters to maintain their positions in Germany. We, as Translation Online, help you in this regard.
Thousands of UK citizens living and working in Germany want to continue to do so even after Brexit, but how will it affect their situation? Let’s take a look!

German Residency Requirements Post-Brexit For UK Citizens

Following Brexit, UK citizens will need to obtain a temporary or permanent German residency permit or German citizenship by naturalisation. A temporary German residency permit is required for UK citizens looking to study, start a business, or work and live in Germany for more than three months.The temporary residency permit can be valid for two to three years. UK citizens looking for permanent permits will acquire them after five continuous years of residence in Germany. However, the permanent residence period may change in some conditions, such as holding an EU Blue Card or having high qualifications.Similarly, UK citizens can also go for German citizenship if they have been living on a valid residence permit for a minimum of 8 years. However, there are exceptions to this rule, such as marriage to a German citizen or graduation from a German university can reduce the period of residence required.Brexit headline in a newspaper

Document and Translation Requirements for UK Citizens Seeking German Residence

The list of documents required for a temporary residence permit, permanent residence permit, and German citizenship by naturalisation varies. However, it’s essential to know that documents needed for a German citizenship application should be in German initially or translated into German.In such instances, documents that typically require translation include birth certificates, marriage certificates (if applicable), bank statements (proof of financial stability), and others.When it comes to translation requirements, you will need a professional German English translator. Regardless of how fluent you may be in German, you can’t do these translations by yourself. Instead, you need a professional translation company to handle the process for you.Translation Online, a company that provides both English and German translation services, will assist you in this regard. This way, it will be possible to submit your documents requested by official institutions as soon as possible. Our company, which offers certified translation services, provides services with experts with at least five years of experience in the field of translation.

Translation Online Employs Native German Translations for Accurate & Authentic Services

When it comes to English to German translation or vice versa, hiring professional translators is vital, especially for legal documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, and bank statements.At Translation Online, we offer certified translation services for numerous legal documents and academic qualifications. If you’re looking for German to English or English to German translation services, we’ve got you covered.We hire native German translators to ensure high-quality and accurate translations. Our network of translators also has knowledge and expertise in various industries to ensure high accuracy and use of industry-specific terminology.Get in touch with us today for a free quote or learn more about how we can help you.