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Before the COVID-19 pandemic, UK was getting more than 40 million visitors every year. Of course, the numbers have dropped significantly, but as the world recovers from the pandemic, hopes are high that the UK will start getting tourists again.

However, a majority of these visitors will need to obtain a UK visa before visiting. Moreover, tourism isn’t the only reason people apply for a UK visa. Other common purposes include study, marriage, or business purposes.

When Do I Need a UK Visa?

Firstly, it’s important to research whether or not you need a visa to visit the UK. As per the latest information, EU or EEA citizens don’t require a visa to enter the UK unless they come to get married, work, study, or stay for more than six months.

However, it’s crucial to stay up to date, and we recommend you check the official UK Immigration and Visa website to find out if you need a visa or not.

Which UK Visa Should I Apply For?

There are several UK visas that you can apply for, and it seems that there’s a specific visa for every possible circumstance. Of course, the UK visa application you choose will depend on your particular reason for visiting the UK.

Nevertheless, here are the most common UK visas that you may be applying for:

  • Standard visitor visa (travel, business, holidays, or study up to 30 days; medical visit up to 6 months);
  • Marriage visitor visa;
  • Transit visa to pass through the UK;
  • Short-term study visa (11 months maximum);
  • Child student visa;
  • General student visa;
  • Short-term work visa;
  • Long-term work visa;
  • Family visa.

This isn’t a comprehensive list as there are different visas for investors and entrepreneurs and business development or talent visa.

Certified Translation Service for UK Visa
Certified translation services should also be provided to UK visa recipients. This is because the
documents submitted for the visa application are reliably translated into English. For example,
bank statements required from visa applicants must be translated into English from the language
of the applicant's country of nationality. This situation also applies to other documents requested
for a visa application.
Translation experts provide certified translation services. These people must be native speakers
of both languages and have the title of translation expert.

When Will I Need Certified Translation?

This discussion is an important one because you’ll also need supporting documents along with your visa application. If some of the required documents are not issued in English, you’ll require a certified translation to be attached to the original documents.

If the language of the applicant's country of citizenship is not English, then a certified
translation will be required. This ensures that some of the critical documents requested are
understandable by the UK institutions. Documents declared in visa applications play an
essential role in the approval of the visa.

What Are the Common Document Translations I Will Need?

Since we can’t discuss all these visa types and their specific document requirements in-depth, let’s look at the typical documents that will be required for almost all visa applications. You can expect to be asked to submit certified translations along with the following documents:

  • Bank statements
  • Divorce certificates
  • Birth certificates
  • Death certificates
  • Medical certificates
  • Degree certificates and transcripts.

Keep in mind that not all these documents will require certified translations, only those that have been issued in a language other than English.

UK Visa

Can I Do a Certified Translation?

For such 100% reliable translation services, it is indispensable to work with translation
experts. Document holders cannot translate their documents unless they are translation
experts. Having an advanced level of English does not mean that you can translate. To be
able to translate, it is necessary to work in a company that has received ATC approval or to
have the title of translation expert.


What Are Certified Translation Requirements for My UK Visa Application?

It’s also worth mentioning that not every translation is considered certified. So, what exactly do you need to do to get a certified translation? The criteria for what is considered a ‘certified translation’ is pretty strict.

Therefore, each certified translation should contain:

  • Confirmation from the translation that it’s an authentic and accurate translation of the original document;
  • the data of translation;
  • translator’s full name and signature;
  • translator’s contact details.

How Much Are Certified Translation Prices?

People who want to get a certified translation service for a UK visa wonder about the prices
of this service. Price lists created to get a quality and reliable translation service may not
always give clear price information. This is because prices vary depending on the type and
length of documents.

At the same time, the language of the documents to be translated can often affect the price.
Therefore, you will need to contact our company's customer representative to get the most
accurate price information.

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