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A Guide to ENIC (NARIC) Translation Requirements for UK University Applications

The UK has been one of the most popular destinations for international students. In fact, it’s only behind the US as the most popular country for international students. Prior to the pandemic, close to half a million international students were pursuing their education in the UK.

While the pandemic may have reduced these numbers, they’re expected to pick up now, with rising vaccination rates fuelling a return to normalcy. If you’re also an international student looking to study in a UK university, there’s a good chance that your documents aren’t in English.

Typically, these documents include academic transcripts and certificates, which may be in your country’s official language. If that is the case, you will need to arrange a certified translation for these documents as part of your application.

What is UK ENIC (NARIC)?

After UK’s departure from the EU, the UK’s recognition agency had to change from NARIC (preserved only for EU members) to ENIC (a title used across Europe). To put it simply, UK ENIC is the government agency responsible for the “recognition and evaluation of international qualifications and skills”.

In other words, ENIC is the UK government’s organisation that will evaluate your foreign academic certificates and then compare them to the local UK certificates. Why is this information relevant? You may require an ENIC UK Certificate of Comparability for your application.

ENIC UK Certificate of Comparability

The Statement of Comparability is required when you’re unsure whether your educational documents will qualify for a UK university. It essentially confirms your standard of qualification by comparing it to the UK education system and framework levels.

International student in a UK university

Why Do You Need Certified Translations for UK ENIC?

UK ENIC has a crucial role to play in your university application process as many UK universities will ask you to submit the ENIC Certificate of Comparability. But, what do certified translations have to do with all of this? The rule of thumb is that if your documents aren’t in English, you’ll need certified translations to submit them to UK ENIC and receive the Certificate of Comparability.

Keep in mind that you will need to submit certified English translations along with your original documents. It’s also possible that your university will also require certified translations, just as the University of Edinburgh does.

How Can I Get Certified Translations?

At Translation Online, we’re an ATC accredited professional translation company that offers certified translation services for virtually all languages. From academic document translation to birth certificate translation, Translation Online will take care of all certified translation needs.

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