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When translations of official documents are certified by a professional translation company or translator as an accurate and true translation of the original document, they are known as certified translations.
Generally, certified translations are required for official purposes. Different countries have different requirements for certified translations. Many countries have an official body, the responsibility of which is to regulate sworn or certified translations. However, there’s no particular authority with this role in the UK. Instead, translation companies and professional translators confirm the following in writing:
  • The contact details and the full name of the translator or representative of the translation company
  • The date of the translation
  • That the translation is an accurate and true translation of the original document
This translation must be affixed to both the source text and the translation and should be printed out. For the certified translation to be valid, these three documents must be presented together.

Notarisation or certification?

A certified translation (also referred to as a Certificate of Accuracy and a Statement of Truth) – is signed and stamped in official confirmation that a competent translator has translated the document. It certifies that the document is an honest and true translation.Often, notarised translations are required for official documents, which is why they’re more formal than certified translations. After the completion and certification of the translation, the translator will declare under oath and in writing before a public notary that the translated document is an accurate and true translation of the original document. Then, the notary will sign and stamp the certifying letter and attach an apostille (embossed seal and signature of official and date) to the document, certifying that it’s genuine.In our company, we offer both notarised and certified translation services according to the needs. In line with your requests, we apply the necessary official translation processes to your official documents.a man offering medical translation services

The importance of using a professional

It’s very important to guarantee that a document is an accurate and true translation of the original document because even the minutest of errors can change the meaning of certain documents. Remember, a professional service provider understands the significance and potential consequences of any mishaps.For this reason, you must get the translation expert service, which has a command of both languages ​​at the native language level. As Translation Online, we offer 100% accurate and reliable translation services in any language. Translation experts in our company have at least five years of experience in this field. This situation will ensure that your documents are always translated in high quality.

The challenges of legal translation

The range, depth, and scale of legal translation are vast. So, choosing a translator with specific experience in your legal sector can speed up the translation process and safeguard the precision and accuracy of your translations. Familiarity with areas of expertise, a wider knowledge of systems, writing styles, and legal terminology will be advantageous. For instance, even the slightest of nuances in a complex contract law scenario could be the critical difference between a patent being accepted or rejected.

Hire professional translators from Translation Online and get certified translations

As an accredited member of ATC, Translation Online offers certified translation services for businesses, private clients, and organisations. With a network of more than 1500 translators across the globe, we can support you in all languages.Give us a call now for more information on our professional translation services!