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Documents that may be used abroad for legal purposes are best translated and certified before usage in an overseas country. Some common examples are personal certificates (such as divorce, birth, or death certificate), patents, medical documentation, legal documents for expanding businesses in a foreign country, and export documentation.
Usually, a certified translation service covers the following documents:
  • Passport and identification documents,
  • Personal documents like divorce certificate, birth certificate, death certificate, adoption certificate, driver’s license
  • Government documents like medical reports or immigration documents
  • Academic certificates and diplomas
  • Business and corporate documents
Here, we discuss four UK government bodies that ask for certified translations:

1. Home Offices

The Home Office within the UK deals with applications relating to visas, passports, residence permits, and immigration.Numerous agencies and public bodies support them, including the HM Passport Office, the UK Border Force, Immigration Enforcement, and UK Visas and Immigration.We’ve been offering certified translations for the Home Offices for years, and our certified translated documents have always been accepted.man and woman in a professional translation agency

2. UK Border Agency

Any document or qualification not originally in Welsh or English will need a translation to requirements set by the UK Border Agency (UKVI). UKVI needs a fully-certified original translation for every document you offer that’s not in Welsh or English. If you’re making an application in the UK, the translation must include:
  • The original signature of an authorised official of the translation company or the translator
  • The date of the translation
  • Confirmation from the translator that it’s an accurate translation of the original document
  • Details of the credentials of the translation company or translator
  • Be made by a professional translation company or translator

3. The Passport Office

If a document that forms part of your UK passport application isn’t issued in the English language, it’s going to need a certified translation. Irrespective of how basic the application, language, or document is, it should be perfectly presented in English. Normally, this will be an attached document which is presented along with the original.That’s why you can have your documents translated officially by using the translation services offered by our company. We ensure that the documents requested by The Passport Office go through the certified translation process as soon as possible.


This is another government body that requires certified translations. At Translation Online, we’ve been offering translations for the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) for quite some time, striving to offer the best price to our customers for the most cost-effective DVLA services on the market.

Translation Online’s certified translation services can help translate your documents to English or from English to your target language

At Translation Online, our services support every major language, and all UK authorities accept our certified document translations. To ensure a high-quality document translation service, we work with native speakers of each language we translate.You can contact us at any time for certified translation service in all languages ​​spoken in the world. You can also get a sworn translation service for UK-issued documents from our company.Reach out to us now for more information on our certificate translation service!