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Official Signed & Stamped Document Translation Fully Certified Translation Service

We are authorised to provide official and certified translation for the UK Home Office (Visas and Immigration), HM Courts & Tribunal, DVLA, Passport Office, UK NARIC and Academic Institutions

Official Signed & Stamped Document Translation
Fully Certified Translation Service

We are authorised to provide legally accepted translations for the UK Home Office (Visas and Immigration), HM Courts & Tribunal, DVLA, Passport Office, UK NARIC and Academic Institutions

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Absolutely amazing service. Needed birth certificate translation and it was done in less than hour (paid extra for this service). I can’t fault it! Thank you, save me loads of time and stress. Thank you ever so much.
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Great Translation company! Fast & Excellent Service! With care & Kindness. I'm very satisfied. Thank you so much for your hard work. 5 stars for you! Best! Noël.
Arabian Nails
Arabian Nails
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I loved their service! Very quick and efficient and really kind. Fast replied and made sure I was happy before certifying. Definitely recommend them!
Rommel Henry
Rommel Henry
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Great service, had a single page document translated. Got an instant response with a quote and translation was delivered electronically the next day and printed copy expected by post in a couple of days.
Mari Lu
Mari Lu
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Low cost, everything done online and translation sent by post, fast, happy with the service

Certified Translation Service UK

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We Offer Certified Translation

As an accredited member of ATC, we offer certified translation service for businesses, organisations and private clients. We have a network of over 1,500 translators all over the world and can support you in all languages.

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Translations are done by native speaker linguists of the target language with at least 5 years of experience in the industry. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our services.ᐧ

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Accredited Member of the Association of Translation CompaniesOur certification is attested through Association of Translation Companies and bears the official ATC stamp and our signature.

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Certified University Degree Translation Services


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Certified Bank Statement Translation Services

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Official Document Translation Services for Immigration

Moving to a new country for any reason can be quite difficult for any person. Moving your entire life to a separate country comes with its own set of problems, the biggest of which is the language barrier. A common problem people often run into is being able to provide all their certifications and documentations in a language understood by the host country.

Our official document translation service and certificate translation service will help translate your legal documents, medical documents, and business documents to English or from English to your target language.

Our services are available across all major languages and are certified document translations that are accepted by all UK authorities. To ensure high-quality document translation services, we work with native speakers for each language we translate for. This helps ensure the translation services are accurate for all your needs. Contact us and receive a free online quote for the translation services,


We Offer Certified Translation


Order Fully Certified Translations in Just a Few Clicks

Our certified translations are:

  • Fully certified and legally accepted
  • Competitively priced & delivered fast
  • Accepted by UK government bodies

Our certification states:

  • That it’s a ‘true and accurate translation of the original document
  • The date of the translation
  • The full name and contact details of the translator or a representative of the translation company



Certified Translation UK

The certified translation UK service is for official foreign language documents to be submitted to the UK government. For the translation to be accepted by official institutions, it must be a “certified translation.” This service is a particular translation service that translation experts should only do. Certified translation UK service covers many official
documents. Official documents such as marriage, birth, and death certificates should be processed through a certified translation service when necessary.

Certified Translations in the UK

Certified UK translation is a service for foreign citizens who want to obtain a residence permit or citizenship from the UK. Regardless of which country you are a citizen of, you must declare your official documents while getting a residence permit from UK. Therefore, your official documents must also be translated into English. With the certified translation UK service, your official documents written in another language are translated reliably.
UK certified translation ensures that UK authorities accept official documents in foreign languages. Such translation services also usually include documents such as marriage, death, and birth certificates.

Certified Translation Requirements

Within the scope of the certified translation UK service, some requirements are expected to be fulfilled. First, the person who will provide translation service must have the title of translation expert. Especially in services that require hardware, such as certified translation, it is necessary to work with translation experts.
Trusting the companies accredited by ATC within the scope of the certified translation UK service is also essential. Our company is one of the companies accredited by ATC. This way, many official institutions will accept our certified translation services. 
Organizations such as UK Government Bodies, UK Home Office, UK Passport Office, UK NARIC, and UK Banks require a certified translation UK service. At the same time, services such as affidavit translation may be necessary for official authorities such as HM Courts Tribunals and embassies.

Certified Translation of Documents

We have already mentioned that state authorities accept official documents thanks to the certified translation UK service. Certification of a document ensures that the paper is taken in the country of application. This application, which is especially requested when obtaining a residence permit or citizenship, is valid for all citizens worldwide.
Certified translation UK service ensures that every person’s official documents should have been submitted to different countries. So, for example, a document written in Portuguese by the Portuguese government must be submitted to UK institutions only when translated into English. Of course, such translation services should always be provided by translation experts who are experts in this field.

Certified Translation for UK Legal Proceedings

Certified translation UK is one of the services provided to official institutions such as, HM Coutrs and Tribunals. For UK legal proceedings, some documents are requested from citizens of other countries. For example, in cases such as marriage or divorce, some documents that must be submitted to the court must also be certified translation documents.
The version of the certified translation UK service applied for legal procedures is broader. Such documents must be signed and stamped with affidavit solicitor. This method, especially applied in institutions such as embassies and courts, increases the validity of the document. We also continue to provide affidavit translation services in our company. In this way, we guarantee that your official documents are accepted within the scope of legal institutions.

Translation Used Abroad or at Embassies

Certified translation UK service is also valid for documents submitted to countries other than the UK. In such services, it is generally required to get assistance with the sworn translation. Sworn translation is a service that allows UK-issued documents to be accepted in countries outside the UK. The relevant documents should be translated by translation experts who reside in the country’s language to be translated and have the title sworn in by
the court appeal.
Certified translation UK service also includes translation services for embassies. Such translations must also be signed and stamped by the affidavit solicitor. Embassies may request some extra translation services in addition to a certified translation.

UK's Premium Certified Translation

Certified translation UK offers translation services for many official institutions. These services are also generally known as UK’s premium certified translation services. Accordingly, our company provides reliable and quality translation services for UK institutions. Certified translation services are available to institutions such as UK NARIC, UK Banks, UK Passport, and UK Home Office. It also includes translation services for institutions such as HM Courts
and Tribunals.
Certified translation UK services include corporate and personal documents. Educational institutions, various government agencies, and business-oriented documents may also require certified translations. In addition, a certified translation service is necessary for personal records such as marriage, divorce, birth, and death certificates.

Certified Translation Service

A certified translation service is a service provided to accept official documents in government institutions. This service is the reliable translation of official documents such as marriage, education, birth, death, or divorce certificates. The certified translation service is particularly relevant to citizens of another country who will apply for a residence permit or immigration from another country.

Certified Translation Services Near Me

Certified translation service is a service we offer to the citizens of every country. Thanks to this service, your documents in different languages will be translated reliably. With the certified translation service, you can submit any of your official documents to UK institutions. Likewise, you can get services from us to submit UK-issued documents to the official institutions of other countries.
You can get reliable translation service thanks to a certified translation service. You can always rely on our company for such translation services. Our company has translation experts serving in the field of the certified translation. You can contact us for both certified and sworn translation services.

Certified Document Translation Services

Certified document translation is one of the essential services for official documents issued by another country. Thanks to this service, you can submit papers to UK institutions.
Certified translation UK services are especially preferred in residence permit and citizenship requests. In such cases, most official documents taken from the country of citizenship must also be declared to UK institutions. With certified translation UK, you can get reliable and quality translation services. Our company, accredited by ATC, provides translation services for many official institutions. These services ensure that the relevant institutions accept marriage, birth, divorce, and death certificates.

Official Document Translation

Certified translation UK service also includes services such as official document translation. For official documents to be accepted by certain authorities, it is necessary to use such translation services. Especially those who are citizens of another country and want to reside in a different country should get official document translation services.
Official document translation, which is a certified translation UK service, also concerns those who are UK citizens and want to reside in a different country. For example, this translation service is required to translate a UK-issued marriage certificate into Spanish.

Certified Translation Services London

Translation experts provide translation services within the scope of certified translation UK. Certified translation is among the most basic services when submitting documents to UK institutions. Our company, which provides this service, has translation experts with sufficient knowledge. This way, official documents are guaranteed to be translated into English and accepted by the competent authorities.
Certified translation UK is a service available in every region of the UK, including London. Our company can offer certified and sworn translation services to all citizens of the world. In this way, you can get precise results when submitting documents to UK institutions.

Certified Translation UK Reviews

Trust our government approved translation services for confidence, as recommended by certified translation UK reviews. Get certified translation services online quickly and easily with Translation Online.

Translation Online offers reliable and comprehensive universal language solutions, as recommended by experts. Trustworthy certified translations for vital documents like marriage certificates, criminal record certificates, birth certificates, medical certificates, and diploma certificates are available.. For a quality-assured translation service in the UK, consider visiting the Translation Online website, highly recommended by certified translation UK reviews.

Certified translations are required by official entities in the UK, such as passport offices and education centers. Translation Online offers efficient, accurate, and affordable certified translation services, with quick and quality-assured results from our professional team.

Certified Legal Document Translation Services

Translation Online Certified Translation Services provide quality-assured legal translation services in multiple languages, including certificates like Identity Card Certificate, Passport Translation Certificate, or Divorce Certificate. 

In the UK, some legal documents may require professional and certified translation. Translation Online offers a convenient solution for these necessary translations, eliminating the need for in-person visits to a translation office. Get quality-assured legal document translations online with ease.

Certified Translation UK Price

If you need a certified translation service, look no further than Translation Online. Our professional translation services are trusted by businesses and individuals alike. We make it easy to get certified translation services UK price information by providing a “Get a Quote” tab on our website. Simply provide the details of your translation project, including the text length and desired language, and receive a price quote within minutes. Don’t waste time searching for other translation companies – choose Translation Online for all your certified translation needs.

If you’re looking for certified translation services, Translation Online is a top choice. Our company offers professional translation services in over 120 languages at an affordable price. To get an accurate estimate for your translation project, simply reach out to us through our “Contact” page. Our team is available 24/7 to provide you with the best certified translation services and prices in the UK.

Certified Translation UK Visa

If you are in need of certified translation services for UK visa applications, look no further! Translation Online provides professional and accurate translation services in over 200 languages, ensuring that your visa documents are translated to meet the strict requirements of the UK immigration authorities. Trust us to provide you with the certified translation you need for a smooth and hassle-free visa application process. Contact us today to learn more about our “Certified translation for UK visa” services!

With the help of professional translation services from Translation Online, you can ensure that the documents required for your UK visa application are accurately translated and certified. This will increase the chances of your visa application being accepted by UK institutions. Don’t let your visa application be deemed invalid due to faulty translations, choose Translation Online for a seamless and quick visa application process.

Cheap Certified Translation Services

Cheap translation services can be tempting, but it is important to ensure the quality and professionalism of the service you receive. Beware of companies that promise low prices but provide low-quality work, as they may not be legitimate and can even put your personal information at risk. At Translation Online, we offer affordable translation services while maintaining high standards of quality and professionalism.

Moreover, with Translation Online, you can be sure that you are getting quality and affordable translation services. As one of the trusted and reputable translation companies in the UK, we prioritize delivering the highest level of service, while also keeping our prices low and competitive. Trust us for all your translation needs, whether it be for legal, official, or personal purposes. With our team of certified native speakers, you can have peace of mind knowing that your translations will be accurate, reliable and at a fair price.


About Certified Translation Services

There are some basic frequently asked questions about the certified translation UK service. Thanks to the answers to these questions, it will be possible for you to understand the certified translation UK service better. We wanted to compile the main frequently asked questions for you to get comprehensive information about certified translation UK services.

We offer a certified translation UK service to you in our company. We always work with translation experts in translation services that require such care. For an official document to be certified, it is necessary to get expert support. In other words, official institutions do not accept translations made without a translation expert. At the same time, some extra translation services are required for the translation of legal documents. For example, institutions such as HM Courts and Tribunals accept translations with the signature of an affidavit solicitor.
Certified translation UK service is a service that directly targets official institutions. Official documents written in a different language must be certified when submitted to government agencies.
For certified translation UK service, you can also choose the translation services offered by our company. With the certified translation UK service, you can declare your official documents to UK institutions. For any official document to be certified, you must work with experts and companies. Otherwise, papers that have not been certified will not be accepted by the relevant official institutions.
Contact our company representative immediately for a certified translation UK service. You can choose the certified translation service we offer for your official documents in every language.

Certified translation UK service is a service that requires meticulousness. Persons working in this field must have received the necessary training. Not every translator is an expert in certified translation. Therefore, a different price tariff is applied for services such as certified translation UK. However, it is necessary to know that certified or sworn translation services are also affordable. Since certified translation UK is a reliable translation service, such documents are also critical. At the same time, the usage areas of the documents that have been certified are pretty high. Prices for such services may also vary depending on the length of the paper and the language in which it is written. But services such as certified or sworn translation are translation services that do not strain the budget.

Translation experts must translate documents covered by the certified translation UK service. For an official document to be certified, it is necessary to work with companies that are experts in this field. Our company also has all the authorizations required throughout the UK. Accredited by ATC, our company provides certified translation services for many official
institutions. It would help if you got certified translation UK service from companies with authority in this field. Translations made by you will unfortunately not be accepted as certified translations. Working with people who are certified or experts in the areas of the sworn translation will always help you get accurate results. In particular, you should know that the certified translation service you receive from our company is valid in many important institutions.
Services such as certified translation UK are called fully certified translation services. Accordingly, a translation expert must translate official documents carefully and reliably. Persons authorized in such services take part in translating marriage, birth, divorce, or death certificates from one language to another. The concept of fully certified translation is fundamental in services such as certified translation UK. It is also recommended to work with companies with various powers to have a document certified. Our company is also a translation company that has many authorities. UK Government Bodies, NARIC, UK Home Office, HM Courts and Tribunals, UK Banks, and many other official institutions accept our company’s certified translation services.
The certified translation UK service is an example of a service that allows a document to be translated officially. In services such as certified translation UK, the experience and competence of the person who will do the translation are checked. It is not correct to work with any translation expert to translate an official document. However, it will be possible to get such services through translation experts, which have some features.
Certified translation UK service is also based on the official translation of the document. For this, our company provides a translation service targeting official institutions. Our company can give official translation services as a translation company accredited by ATC.
In services such as certified translation UK, how long the translation will take is very important. In particular, urgent documents submitted to official institutions are expected to be certified as soon as possible. Therefore, our company provides certified translation service as quickly and effectively as possible. In services like certified translation UK, we look at the length of the document and the language in which it is written. Such situations can sometimes affect the translation time of the paper. However, the translation experts in our company consist of people who have been serving in the field of certified translation for a long time. This situation ensures that official documents are translated as quickly as possible. It is often possible to have your official documents certified in just 24 hours.
Notarised translation is also crucial in services such as certified translation UK. The notarised translation is suitable for official documents usually submitted to government agencies. Accordingly, the notarised translation of a document also means that the document becomes official. Notarised translation experts in this field also provide certified translation services. Certified translation UK service is also notarised. In particular, the documents that need to be submitted to official institutions must go through such a translation process. We also offer a notarised translation service in every language in our company. Thus, we help you to submit your official documents to all required official institutions.

To benefit from services such as certified translation UK, your documents must be requested by official institutions. Services such as notarised translation are translation services targeting official institutions. Therefore, if you are a citizen of a country other than the UK and have to declare documents to UK institutions, you should also get this service. Certified translation UK services translate marriage, birth, death, education, and divorce records. In addition, documents that need to be declared to different official institutions may also need to be certified. It is also vital that the document is notarised in the certified translation UK service. The institution requesting a paper from you may prefer that the document is notarised. For this, you will need to get notarised translation service. You must get such translation services from authorized companies in this field. Translations made by you will not be notarised.

Another translation service included in the certified translation UK service is the legal translation service. Accordingly, legal documents are expected to be translated by translation experts. In particular, the court documents to be submitted to UK institutions should be worked with people who are experts in this field. Not all translation experts have the authority to translate court documents. In our company, we always offer a reliable translation service for legal documents. We offer these services to you, especially with translation experts who have worked in the field of law before. You can also get support from our company within the scope of the certified translation UK service. You can get translations of all official documents dealing with divorce, inheritance, death, and other legal matters through us.
Translation of legal documents provided with the certified translation UK service also has a specific price list. In such translation services, it is necessary to work with experts. The price policy of these services, which are different from any other translation service, has been determined accordingly. The official feature and certification of the document also affect the price of the translation service. Exorbitant fees are not charged for certified translation UK and legal translation services. However, such translation services may include different pricing as they are unique. The length of the document and the language in which the paper is written can affect the translation price.
In the case of services such as certified translation UK, it is necessary to get expert support in this regard. The same is true for the notarised translation service. The translation of documents that a notary public has approved should be made in the presence of a notary public. The notary’s signature and stamp should also be placed on the translated document.
The critical thing in services such as certified translation UK is that the document becomes official. In other words, services such as notarised translation should only be provided by people who have the authority to make the document official. In this regard, you can also benefit from the translation services offered by our company.
Notarised translation services such as certified translation UK are the services that must be taken when submitting documents to official institutions. Every official institution may not want the requested document to be notarised. Only records with certain features must be notarised. The institution you have applied for is also obliged to inform you about this. Notarised translation service, within the scope of certified translation UK services, is not required for every document. However, when official documents need to be certified by a notary public, it is essential to use this service.
Notarised and certified translation services within the scope of certified translation UK service differ at some points. Certified translation is a translation method generally applied to marriage, death, and birth certificates requested by official institutions. On the other hand, notarised translation is required for official documents with the notary’s signature and stamp.
Both of these services offered within the scope of certified translation UK are required to submit official documents. In the notarised translation service, it is obligatory to include the notary’s signature and stamp in a part of the document.
After receiving the certified translation UK service, you must submit the document to the authorized institutions for official transactions. The validity period of the certified certificate may also vary depending on the type of certificate and the demands of the institution to be declared. In particular, the validity period of documents that must be kept up to date is concise. For example, certified copies showing educational status may have a shorter validity period than others. While receiving certified translation UK service, you should also consider the demands of the institution to which you will declare the document. Sometimes, you may also need to purchase the certified translation UK service more than once.

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